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established in 1971

Established in 1971, the Whippet Club of Wales held its' first show on 13th May 1972. The Judge was Peggy Stancombe who awarded BIS to Mrs P Andersons' Remus The Rip.

The first Championship Show was held on 8th November 1975 where Bobbie Cooke, the Judge, awarded the Dog CC to Wrights' Ch.Beseeka Knight Errant of Silkstone and the Bitch CC to Pyes' Ch.Gipsy Picture of Glenbervie.

The Officers & Committee at the time were - President Mrs CA (Poppy) Martin, Chairman Mr Peter Jones, Secretary Mr Bryon Morgan, Treasurer Mrs F Walters, S Harris, E Harris, B John, Mair Jones, C Morgan, R Pye, S Roberts, E Roberts, C Sparey, B Sparey and D Walters.

The Club continues to run yearly Shows, Open and Championship, plus Whippet specific breed seminars under the guidelines of The Kennel Club and The Whippet Breed Council. News of these events can be found on the relevant pages of this website. Yearly membership is also offered which allows for cheaper show entries plus the club has a Code of Ethics and is covered by a set of Rules. The Club continues to strive to offer assistance and advice to its' membership whenever needed.

The year 2021 saw the 50th Anniversary of The Whippet Club of Wales but sadly the Covid pandemic curtailed the celebrations for some time with the need to cancel  some previous shows. However a new venue was found for the 50th Anniversary Championship Show for December 2021 and we were delighted to be able to welcome exhibitors back to Wales again. More details and photographs are on the results page.

The Whippet Club of Wales also has a Facebook page which is updated on a regular basis.

Below are just a few photographs from the Clubs' early history........

Patrons of the WCOW;

The Earl of Plymouth 1971-1994, Lady Anderson 1994-2008, Mr Peter Jones 2009-2018 and currently Mr Paul Jones 2018-

Presidents of the WCOW;

Mrs CA (Poppy) Martin 1971-Sept 1984, Mr Lionel Young June 1985-Feb 1995 and currently Mr Paul Jones Feb 1995-

Secretaries of the WCOW;

Mr Bryon Morgan 1971-April 1987, Mrs Judith Poole April 1987-May 1991, Mr Stan Roberts May 1991-Nov 1992, Mrs Pip Campbell Nov 1992-Sept 1997, Mrs Ann Snelgrove Sept 1997-Feb 1998, Mr Allan Rees Feb 1998-Feb 2008, Miss Tracey Hoare Feb 2008-Feb 2010, Mr Allan Rees MBE Feb 2010- Feb 2017, Mrs Ann Snelgrove Feb 2017- June 2022, Acting Secretary Mr Martin Sanders June 2022 - May 2023, Mr Kevin Rees May 2023 - 

The Whippet Club of Wales
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