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Puppy finder - we have one members litter currently available, please use the sub section link from the main menu puppy page tab for the puppy details. 

But please, before you purchase a Whippet puppy ensure that you have completed your research on the Breed and find a reputable breeder to buy your puppy from. Please be extremely wary of some websites offering puppies for sale and also ensure that the breeder asks you lots of questions, including your home circumstances, answers all of your questions, can show you the pups with their dam and how and where they have been reared.

You should be supplied with a full pack of information when you purchase the puppy which includes feeding, health, exercising and general care etc. Check that the paperwork is correct including KC registration, endorsements if any, microchip details and the contract of sale. If in any doubt please seek help and advice, there are many people who have been involved in the Breed for many years, and really care about it, who would be willing to discuss any concerns with you.

Breeders who advertise on this website are members of the Club and therefore have to abide by the Rules and Code of Ethics of the Club but the Whippet Club Of Wales cannot be held responsible in the transaction. However please advise the Club should you encounter any problems.

If you wish to advertise your litter on this website please email the Acting Secretary, martin.dog@hotmail.co.uk, with your full name & address, affix, litter size, male/female, date of birth, colours, full KC registered name of the sire & dam, contact details to be used for enquiries, price & any relevant details of the pups/parents and also confirming membership of the Whippet Club of Wales.

Whippets are Hounds............

The Whippet Club of Wales
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