Rules and Code of Ethics

Membership of the Whippet Club Of Wales runs from 1st January to 31st December each year. The costs are - Single £3, Joint £4 and Junior £2. Please find the link to the current membership form below.

Below are the Clubs' Code of Ethics, Rules, GDPR statement and a Membership Application form.

Please send the membership application to the Secretary, the address is printed on the form.

Membership email enquiries to the Secretary, email;

Please support your local Breed Club and also take advantage of reduced entry fees at the Clubs' shows. The Club also offers a free puppy finder service to members only allowing them to advertise their litters. This offers the potential puppy purchaser some peace of mind as a Club member has to abide by the Rules & Code of Ethics of the Club.

The Whippet Club of Wales
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